What is Cursiva?

With this App you can learn how to write the right way. 'Cursiva' offers advanced animation quality and pixel perfect graphics like no other in the App Store. Just tap and swipe!
Cursiva is not only about cursive, there is printed handwriting style too!


Cursiva works like a charm. Just take a look at the magic of the smooth animations across the screen. Not only the animations, but the whole components which offer a unique experience from the moment you start touching the screen.
When you get used to see quality writing, eventually that’s being reflected in the way you write. By using Cursiva regularly while you write on a sheet of paper, you will notice that the quality of writing is gradually improving.
And if you are learning Japanese language you will love to hear that Cursiva now supports the Japanese Hiragana and Katakana writing systems, so you can read manga and other basic Japanese texts.


Cool graphics

The graphics processor of any iOS device is capable of generating outstanding gorgeous graphics, but it has to be programmed properly to get the best match.
Other apps show the letters in the form of jarring straight lines or even with flickering animation, while in Cursiva, complex mathematical formulas are responsible for constructing an optimal curve and through a special filter, curve contours are improved creating a much more natural effect, simulating the way a pencil trace gently on a sheet of paper.

Beauty inside

Cursiva has been created using a revolutionary programming style inspired by advanced artificial intelligence techniques, which allows to create applications from human readable diagrams which are then automatically translated into efficient and reduced code; that means less App space while still displaying graphics at fast speed execution.

Small size

Displaying an animated screen requires a high volume of information that tell the app where to draw the graphics and how these vary as time progresses. However, in Cursiva, all the redundant information has been removed and then the remaining information has been packaged in order to reduce the download time of the App and saving storage space on your iOS device.

The end user in mind

Unlike business men who only care about the balance sheets of Apps made in a hurry, you can be confident that Cursiva has been designed, with the end user in mind, by staff that has the resources to invest in technology and quality products.
Many technical operations are required for on-screen animated magic letters. These operations consume power and energy of your device. It has been great effort to reduce the consumption of the app to a minimum without sacrificing quality or performance, so you’ll get more time to use your device and space for storing more information.


Cursiva is the culmination of more than 5 years of research in computer science, education, and computer graphics. Complex concepts like "Finite State Machine", "anti-aliasing" or "mip-mapping", ie, the technology of game development and multimedia high-performance applications has been focused on creating an interactive e-learning product.

Privacy policy

Cursiva does not collect, store or broadcast any kind of you data.

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