What is Trash Splat?

¿How far can you get for your planet? ¿You know how to separate the trash?
"Trash Splat" is the most fun way to get to be the heroes of the planet. Learning to classify solid waste properly.

Be a hero, the planet needs you!. With "Trash Splat" recycling is fun!

"Trash Splat" is more than just a game is a tool to teach you how to save the environment.



Trash Splat shows the Sierra Nevada with its two major peaks ( Simón Bolívar y Cristóbal Colón) highlighting the beauty that with your help she will remain the majestic Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.


Trash Splat has been created with a style inspired revolutionary advanced programming techniques of artificial intelligence, which allows you to create games from naturally diagrams are then automatically translated into efficient and reduced code. Trash Splat is the culmination of over a year and a half of research in computer science, education and computer graphics. Complex concepts as "Finite State Machine", "anti-aliasing" or "mip-mapping", ie, the technology of game development and multimedia high-performance applications have been focused on creating a product that supports learning interactive.

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